The ICOA TollBooth system is an award winning back office OSS platform that powers broadband-on-demand networks. Broadband-on-demand is a high-speed Internet session established between computing devices without regard to network settings, session duration, and time of request.

But this is only half the story. The other half of the story is all about support. Users of broadband-on-demand networks need direction, and sometimes they need the support of a live customer care representative who can process their connection requests and provide the device tweaks that enable easy access to the Wi-Fi network. Additionally, owners and managers of broadband-on-demand networks want insight into utilization statistics for their networks.

TollBooth OSS
Authentication & Billing
Customer Self-Service Portal
Live Agents
Toll-free Branded Telephone Support
E-mail Support
Provisioning & Installation
Network Design
Equipment Procurement & Provisioning
On-Site Installation
Network Operations
Network Monitoring
System Configuration
On-Site Repair Dispatch
Content & Brand Management
Marketing Materials
Enhanced Content/User Experience
Content Filtering
Customized Portal & Landing Pages
Advertising & Site Monetization

At ICOA we address together the transactional, network, and constituent needs associated with broadband-on-demand networks, and package customer service and network support under the title of Managed Services. Our Managed Services offering consists of Tollbooth, enhanced by a network monitoring and live help desk service, staffed by our own Wi-Fi specialists.

Many companies can build a wireless network; very few have the capabilities to effectively serve customers in a large public venue. The companies that succeed in providing broadband-on-demand services to a large number of users are those that provide outstanding operational support systems. The successful launch of any new product or service, particularly a technology-based service such as wireless Internet access, needs to provide a “hassle free” customer experience. The ICOA philosophy is to provide both the network owner and the customer with choice, convenience, and control of the broadband-on-demand experience.

  • Network Operations Center
    Broadband-on-demand systems require a proactive “real time” monitoring, maintenance and repair program to ensure maximum network uptime. The ICOA Network Operations Center (NOC) provides these services on a 24/7/365 coverage basis using state-of-the-art systems and software operated by technicians trained to respond quickly and effectively to all related issues surrounding the service. The NOC maintains remote network access to all network components and continuously monitors these components via industry standard monitoring tools to collect and log data to ensure proper functionality. In addition, our NOC uses proprietary tools to verify proper login/logout operation from inside each location in order to verify service availability to the customer. Using remote access, the NOC can dynamically reconfigure the network to reroute traffic if required. All events are captured in a trouble ticketing system for historical and reporting purposes.
  • Customer Contact/Call Center
    Along with network services, ICOA provides contact/call center services with a variety of tools to ensure customer satisfaction and optimal utilization of the Wi-Fi network.

    The ICOA Customer Contact/Call Center provides the customer with multiple contact points to provide rapid support and ongoing provisioning services. The ICOA call center offers full 24/7/365 coverage and is prepared to offer support for more than the Wi-Fi network itself, delivering complete Tier I and Tier II technical support for:

    • Log-in related questions;
    • Connectivity issues (e.g., network or coverage problems);
    • Installation of client software and related network configuration issues;
    • Customer inquiries regarding coverage, compatibility, specifications and information on pricing, roaming partners, etc.;
    • Management of special promotional offers and customer requests;
    • Resolution of billing and other questions related to roaming relationships with WISPs, where applicable