ICOA provides innovative solutions that enable Internet service providers and venue owners/operators to provide broadband Internet access at public venues. Our products and services provide complete OSS back office functionality to offer a seamless, branded and secure user experience at a low installation and operating cost.

At ICOA we believe that our flexible services are the key ingredient to the success of your broadband solution. Looking for a turnkey system? ICOA can provide a branded solution including a customized look and feel to the user interface, content filtering, support, virtual private networking across the wireless network — in short a complete solution for your business.

If you want to pick and choose the services that ICOA provides, we give you that flexibility as well.

  • Network Design Flexibility
    Need help on a complex network design? The ICOA network design team can provide network advisory services to help you maximize the value of your network and provide for an enhanced user experience. We can also procure, configure and install your network equipment.
  • Equipment Flexibility
    TollBooth – The ICOA OSS system interoperates with equipment from all leading manufacturers, giving you the flexibility to choose the best equipment for your application and budget. That’s right, there’s no need to invest in proprietary hardware that shackles you to your Managed Services provider.
  • Administration Flexibility
    Tollbooth provides you with powerful tools to self-administer virtually all aspects of your hotspot operation so you can make account updates and changes to your offerings instantaneously, without waiting for (or paying) your Managed Services provider to make them. Or let ICOA Managed Networks take on more network operations responsibilities, freeing you up to grow your business.
  • Billing Flexibility
    Tollbooth’s flexible options enable you to create promotions and pricing plans to maximize utilization and profitability. Additionally, ICOA allows you to bring your own merchant account and collect revenue directly from users throughout the month.
  • Business Intelligence Flexibility
    24/7 location monitoring, notification and usage reporting give you real-time information at your fingertips so you can make more informed business decisions.
  • Content Management Flexibility
    Control access via content filtering or enhance your user’s experience with rich-media content such as video. ICOA can also add value to your sites by helping to monetize your hotspots – providing you with new revenue streams.