ICOA provides a comprehensive support system for metro networks—a reliable, flexible and scalable software solution along with comprehensive support services necessary to run multiple, complex municipal networks. With ICOA’s award winning platform, each metro network, or segments thereof, may utilize unique portals, products and services—distinct from other municipalities. The system will be capable of serving free, occasional, subscription and wholesale or roaming users, as defined by service area, plan or other unique protocols.

Our unique hardware neutral-host, open access model, combined with our roaming and clearinghouse functions, allow metro Wi-Fi systems to fully support all selected WISPs, allowing each of these roaming partners to serve their customers under their own brand, thus ensuring each system user access to the network via the service provider of their choice. We are accustomed to supporting multiple customer types, service offerings and pricing plans in any given environment. Our flexible platform allows metro network operators to fully control the end user and roaming pricing models, as changes can be made instantaneously through our administration portal. Unlike some OSS providers, the ICOA system allows our customers to utilize their own merchant account and avoid cash flow delays.

ICOA has the capabilities and experience to deliver a scalable solution for launch and support of metro networks. Our experience encompasses all necessary software and support functions, including access, authorization, authentication, customer support, billing, reconciliation, roaming and highly flexible, real-time reporting. We have direct experience providing and supporting numerous and varied Wi-Fi networks to municipal entities and understand first-hand that each deployment brings unique challenges and requirements. Our proven solution, combined with our direct experience and success in municipalities and other governmental organizations, will be an asset to you in pursuing–and winning–new metro network opportunities.