ICOA Airport Networks (formerly Airport Network Solutions) is an airport-focused Wi-Fi service provider specializing in the design, deployment, management and operation of airport-branded, neutral host networks in airports across the United States. Our team has years of experience deploying, operating and supporting Wi-Fi networks in airports and other complex public facilities. We provide a full-range of Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN or Wi-Fi) services and flexible business models to support airports of all sizes.

ICOA Airport Networks operates multi-user Wi-Fi networks that provide complete, reliable Wi-Fi coverage to travelers, under a free or paid model. Our enterprise class Wi-Fi networks are also capable of serving the administrative and operational needs of the airport, airlines and other airport tenants – securely and effectively. Our neutral-host platform allows multiple branded Wi-Fi service providers to offer service to their subscriber base within airports under their own brand.

  • Neutral Host / Open Access Networks – Offers travelers secure access to the Internet without having to download any special software or subscription. Our design allows any number of branded Wi-Fi service providers to offer services and subscriptions to your travelers.

  • Comprehensive Wireless Management – Secure, reliable high-speed Internet for the traveling public, airport operations and “private-side users” such as contractors, airlines and other tenants, at reasonable prices.
  • Airport Branded – the customer experience reflects the airports own brand and offers travelers unlimited access to airport information at no cost. Preserve your brand while partnering with ICOA to manage and control this essential service.
  • Flexible Business Models – Tailored to meet the needs of the airport, with free or paid service offerings.

ICOA Airport Networks understands the unique business environment of airports and how to best serve their needs-and those of its diverse constituents-in deploying Wi-Fi networks. Our insight into the complex needs of airlines and airport operations has allowed us to offer versatile and secure support for public and private Wi-Fi users. Our business managers and engineers are airport professionals with years of experience working for and with airports. For additional information, please contact us.