November 2004


ICOA, Inc. (BULLETIN BOARD: ICOA) and the city of Killeen have launched a neutral-host high-speed broadband wireless network throughout the entire Killeen-Ft. Hood Regional Airport (GRK), serving GRK’s passengers as well as airlines and other airport tenants. The new network offers passengers at GRK secure, affordable and convenient wireless Internet access from anywhere in the terminal and will provide WLAN services for airport administration and operations functions, airlines and airport concessionaires.

The launch also included the installation of public access Internet kiosks, allowing passengers without Wi-Fi enabled devices such as laptops or PDAs, to conveniently access the Internet, their corporate servers, email and browse the web.

With the deployment of GRK, ICOA’s Airport Network Solutions subsidiary now serves over 20 million airport passengers per year through airport-wide neutral-host Wi-Fi networks also located in Greater Baton Rouge Louisiana Airport (BTR), Manchester Airport (MHT), Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport (SAV), Fresno-Yosemite International Airport (FYI), Spokane International Airport (GEG) and Sacramento International Airport (SMF).

“We are excited to partner with industry-leader ICOA to offer high-speed wireless Internet access for our airline passengers at Killeen-Ft. Hood Regional Airport,” said Don Christian, director of Aviation. “GRK is a new, state of the art airport with facilities and infrastructure serving the needs of business travelers today and tomorrow, our armed services and the local community. We are committed to providing outstanding customer service and cost effective services, which improve productivity, reduce costs and enhance our passengers’ travel experience. The addition of public wireless Internet access is a natural extension of this continuing commitment and an exciting new service for our passengers, vendors and tenants.”

Passengers with Wi-Fi enabled laptops or PDAs can connect to the Internet to check their e-mail, access their corporate servers, download important documents and surf the Web, with unlimited access from anywhere in the airport for only $6.95 per day. Airport information such as flight schedules, ground transportation information, passenger services and security bulletins can also be accessed at no charge. The new public wireless Internet service is available throughout the entire terminal and does not require users to install or use proprietary software. As a neutral-host network, the Killeen-Ft. Hood Regional Airport/ICOA solution will also allow subscribers of branded services, such as iPass and Boingo, access to the network.

“With the launch of Killeen as our seventh airport, ICOA is emerging as a major airport Wi-Fi network provider,” said ICOA executive vice president Rick Schiffmann. “Our airport-wide approach makes it more convenient for passengers to connect instantly in all public areas of the airport rather than having to ‘sniff out’ limited hotspots and allows the airport authority to securely and cost-effectively offer and manage WLAN services to all tenants.”